Join Big Leagues

Join our Big Leagues and get 5 games a month, and play them when you want to by negotiation with the other people in your league. We will get you in the right league for your ability. We send the leagues out by email, and they are all on our website, updated daily.

A fantastic way to improve and play different people.

Come see us at the front desk, or give us a ring on 472 9299 and we will sort it out. We usually grade you by getting you to play someone in the leagues, or getting you to come to our Sunday Club, where our coach can grade you.

Prizes –  The winner of each league wins a mystery prize from Club Kelburn (you must play at least four games to be eligible for a prize).


1 point for each match played
1 point for each set won
bonus point for match winner

· Unfinished matches
. 1 point for each completed set
. NO winner bonus point

· To stay in, you must play four or more matches.
· Players are adjusted up/down depending on results.
· Center manager has the right to manually adjust players if necessary.

League Rules: 
. 6 players per league
. 1 month period
No match no points regardless of reason -no show, etc.
. Normal Scoring
. first to 15 points-point-a rally scoring, best of five games.

Just your normal court hire fees, or if you are a squash member, it is part of your membership.

Please clarify with your opponent how long you wish to play for.


Here is an example of a league

Screen Shot 2015-09-28 at 11.34.28 AM