Membership Conditions

Please let us know if you have any medical conditions that we should be aware of, or any medicine that you might be taking that could put you at risk while exercising. Thanks.

Age Limit: If a member is under 18 he/she must book in for a Personal training session before using the gym for safety reasons. Age limit to join is 13.

Gym Culture: Wear a top and shoes. Put your weights away on the right hooks. No need to grunt a lot! Talk to other members! Don’t move gear between rooms.

Transfer of membership: You can transfer your membership if you can’t use it anymore. $50 fee.

Suspension of membership: If you have a Pre Paid contract, you can suspend your membership for $10 a month. We add this time to your membership when you come back. The no contract memberships don’t require a $10 a month fee, just let us know before you want it suspended. To avoid errors, we need all suspensions or membership stops BY EMAIL BEFORE WE WILL PROCESS THEM. We need 3 business days notice. Check your bank account that it has been stopped. We will not be responsible for more than 2 weeks payment if we have not correctly stopped a payment. 

Termination of membership: Be a reasonable member – no problem! Be unreasonable and you’ll have to go!

Parking- you can only park in our parks if you are in the club, on the tennis courts or walking your dog on town belt land. Or you risk being towed- around $200.

Limitation of Liability: I understand and accept that except provided in the Consumer Guarantee Act 1993 or as provided elsewhere in this agreement, Club Kelburn shall not be liable or responsible for any direct, indirect or consequential injury, loss, or damage to the person or property of the member, whatsoever or howsoever arising.

Club Kelburn will guarantee to hold the weekly fee for no less than a month for any price adjustments.