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 Squash coaching – Nick Mita


 7253397Over the last eight years Nick has contributed to the following achievements and many more:

  • 6 National Teams titles from juniors to seniors (numerous second and third placings)
  • Winners in every national junior age group title on numerous occasions
  • Four junior players ranked among the top 32 players in the world
  • 4 Squash NZ Most improved players of the year
  • Commonwealth Games team members
  • World Championship New Zealand men’s and women’s team players
  • Semi-finalist Junior British Open 2011
  • Under 13 Junior Scottish Open Winner
  • Number four ranked World European Junior boy under 13’s (Scott Galloway)

Cost: $60 for 45 minutes or $80 for 60 minutes

Beginners to ‘A’ Grade

Contact Nick on 021526224

By email:

Or visit his website:



Personal or Group Squash Coaching



 Kathryn Warwick


One Hour Starter or P.T. Session
Includes heart rate check, blood pressure, health check, formulate a program, set it out on an exercise card, go through all exercises, set reps, sets etc. One-off session $75, regular sessions $70.

Buddy Training – 2 on 1
Two people, one trainer, the fun way! Let us put together something great for you! $45 each.

30 Minute Buster Session
Quick, tough, back to work! $45 a session.

30 Minute Refresher              $45
When you don’t need a whole hour, but want to tidy up a few bits and pieces with Kathryn, this is the one for you!

Mobile : 027 629 7299


Jayden Harvey


NZHIF Registered Personal Trainer (Level 4 Qualification)

NZHIF Registered Fitness Consultant (Level 3 Qualification)

The pursuit of a fit and healthy, mental and physical state is not only an incredibly enjoyable experience, it is also hugely rewarding. With the help of an effective support system and training regime we can sculpt you into something great.


Personal Training Session  1 Hour

Adults $60 (Opening Offer- first session- $40)

Student $40 (Opening Offer- first session- $40) (Tertiary and High School)

8 Week Training Plan

$50 Per session. One session per week or more if you want to reach your goals quicker.

Includes a Pre-exercise health check, Postural & movement analysis, Goal setting, Fitness testing and Program design and demonstration

Phone 027 923 1614 Email


Fay Ingrey

Personal Training Session or Orientation and Program Design

Adult $60 per hour or $50 per 45min

Student $45 per hour

Includes, initial health check, movement appraisal, 4 week plan,  program design, goal setting and exercise demonstration.

Partner Training 2 0n 1 sessions 

Adult $45 per person

Student $30 per person

Work with your training buddy to achieve your goals in a fun and effective way.

8 Week Fast Track Program – 2x P.T Sessions per week

Adult $100 per week

Student $80 per week

Includes pre exercise checks and program, nutriton  program.

Phone 021 026 86229 Email

Julia McHale

First Session Free

Individual Session 30 min – $40.00

Buddy Session – $65.00

3 People – $80

60 min – $70

45 min – $60               Student Rates Available


Needs Analysis Session – $25

Health Assessment – $25

Fortnightly check-up includes: weight and body fat % -$25

Tailored nutrition plans available.


Pre Schedule – Pre Pay

5 sessions – $180 (save $5 per session)

10 Sessions – $360 (save $10 per session)