Rob Walker, Manager. Ageing squash player, the older I get the better I was. Rob took the reins at Club K in 1994, and put the gym in, the sauna, tanning etc. Our goal is for you to “feel good” , and if you have any improvements or suggestions, let Rob know. We really want to be the friendliest club in town!
katCropped Kathryn-Biggest smile in the business.Kathryn started at Club K as a personal trainer in 2002, and is still going strong! She has many loyal clients, and works well with athletes, older people, larger people- etc etc etc.Contact Kathryn and make a start soon!


    Jayden Harvey-

NZHIF registered Fitness Consultant

NZHIF and R.E.Ps New Zealand registered Personal Trainer

About me- I’m very passionate about physical fitness and self improvement through an active and healthy lifestyle. I specialize in resistance training and can cater to a number of different goals whether that be hypertrophy, strength or weight loss. I look forward to seeing you in the gym.

“Six months from now your life can be so much better mentally, physically and financially. Know that you can have the power to change it all one day at a time.” – Lewis Howes

 Fin- Uni student- keen gym goer. Keen to help you!
Oscar- Uni Student and avid gym goer. Great guy.

Cross fit fanatic, unique training style, happy to help you learn so feel free to ask.

Excellent Kip technique

Bosu Ball proficient