Rob Walker, Manager. Ageing squash player, the older I get the better I was. Rob took the reins at Club K in 1994, and put the gym in, the sauna, tanning etc. Our goal is for you to “feel good” , and if you have any improvements or suggestions, let Rob know. We really want to be the friendliest club in town!
katCropped Kathryn-Biggest smile in the business.Kathryn started at Club K as a personal trainer in 2002, and is still going strong! She has many loyal clients, and works well with athletes, older people, larger people- etc etc etc.Contact Kathryn and make a start soon!
IMG_6569 Lucas- Direct from Southern California!

Keen gym goer- new to squash- you will see him here a lot!

jeremy Jeremy- Student, Avid gym goer, all around good guy.
IMG_7882 Steven- Uni Student, Squash player and Coach. Now taking the Sunday Squash. Great guy all round. *Now offering squash lessons*
henry Henry- Uni Student and avid gym goer. Great guy.
IMG_8236 Bachelor of Sports and Recreation (sports and Exercise Science)

Master of Exercise Science (Strength and Conditioning)

Alex- I am passionate about improving physical and sporting performance, correcting posture and movement faults and getting people involved in physical activity. I have a background in playing Football (Soccer) and Tennis, however am interested in a multitude of sports. I believe that I have the knowledge and expertise to help you achieve your physical goals.

First  PT session half-priced. Please see our Trainers tab for more details.

IMG_8302 Fraser- Keen Squash Player, Keen gym goer, Studying at Vic